I. About Conditions

This details the body conditions according to code. click here for reference

1. Important Notes

This is where notes from the professional inspector is written

2. Negative Features

This area details all the negative features on the vehicle

3. Vehicle Size

Detailed vehicle size

4. Detailed Body Condition

This details the body conditions according to code. click here for reference

5. Chassis Number

The chassis number of the vehicle

II. Vehicle Features

Auction number

Which is used from the day the car is displayed till auction time, so 1 to 3 days. After that, this information is erased and a different car will have this number

Registration year & month

It is written in Japanese year. Here is how to read it: From 1 to 40, add 1988. So if you have 13, you do 13+1988 = 2001 for the registration year From 41 to 63, add 1926. So if you have 61, you do 61+1926 = 1987 for the registration year Month is mentioned with a figure: 1 to 12 for Jan to Dec

6. Auction Number 17. Vehicle History
7. Registration Year and Month 18. Shift/Transmission
8. Model Name 19. Inspection Date
9. Engine Size 20. Airconditioning
10. Model Code 21. Mileage
11. Carrying Capacity 22. Fuel
12. Weight 23. Color
13. Seats 24. Color Code
14. Auction Grade 25. Positive Features
15. Interior Grade 26. Vehicle Options
16. Exterior Grade 27. Steering

More Information about the Auction Sheet.

Auction Grade

The auction grade summarizes overall condition

S New
5 Same as new
4.5 Excellent grade with almost no issue
4 Great grade with minor issues only
3.5 Good grade with some issues that may need repair
3 Average grade with issues to fix
2 Bad grade
* Non running car, needs a forklift to be moved. But also mentioned for any motorbike or machinery
R or 0 Accident history repaired. Repaired parts are mostly informed on auction shee
RA Minor accident repaired (core support or back panel only)
RB Heavy repair (till inner panel or floor)
RC Pillar or frame has been changed/repaired
R2 Accident history and mostly rust or corrosion issue
Inside Grade

Inside grade summarizes condition of the inside of the car

A Excellent interior condition
B Good condtion with some imperfections
C Good or average condition with imperfections
D Bad interior condition
Detailed Body Condition

Body marks according to code

A1 Too small to mention
A2 Small Scratch
A3 Scratch
A4 Long Scratch
B1 Too small to mention
B2 Small Dent
B3 Dent
B4 Large Dent
U1 Too small to mention
U2 Small Dent
U3 Dent
U4 Large Dent
W Wavy
S Rust
C Corrosion
オーディオ欠 Audio Missing
BP Has Been Repaired
X Needs to be Repaired
XX Has been Replaced
Big (Kanji for "big")
Vehicle Options

Options of the car are marked with a circle

SR Sunroof
AW Alloy Wheel
PS Power Steering
PW Power Window
カワ or 革 Leather Seats
ナビ Navigation System
エアB Airbag

Code used to indicate Manual or Automatic transmission

Manual F5, F6, MT, 5MT, 6MT
Automatic AT, FA, FAT
Popular Brands