Owning your dream vehicle from a Japanese auction through us is very easy and straight forward with no hidden charges. The entire process could be monitored through My Account on our website,


Selecting your vehicle

1. Selecting your vehicle

First, we take time to discuss with you and identify the type of vehicle suited to your needs. Our expert professional team strives to make the right choice and best price for you by reviewing a large database from reputed auction houses. Through this mutual collaboration we take all steps to source your dream vehicle through our established connections and exclusive deals with the auctions.


Bidding for your vehicle

2. Bidding for your vehicle at the auction

We start your bidding process after making an initial 100% refundable deposit. Our team searches your desired vehicle and submits a bidding request i.e. Original Auction sheet along with English translation, photos of the vehicle, bid amount etc. for your approval. Our team continues to support the bidding process in the auction until your bid is successful. We assure to pass the benefits to you if the selling price of your vehicle is less than your bid.



3. Payment

The letter of credit (LC) payment can be made within 07 days from the date of the pro-forma invoice. Our team will assist you through the entire process i.e. required documents for the Bank for LC opening (Pro-forma/conditions, etc.), and any other assistance as and when required.



4. Shipping

Vehicle clearance documentation i.e.: LC documents, custom duty etc. could be handled by a nominated third party clearance agent who will be guided by us.

The third-party charges i.e. customs duty & levy, clearance chargers will be informed to you and it has to be paid directly to the relevant parties’ i.e. customs duty to the Sri Lanka customs.

If this shipping is handled by your own agent, all the documents will be handed over to you from the Bank.


Order & Delivery Time

5. Order & Delivery Time

The total process would take 30 - 45 days from the date of opening LC. However, it could vary dependent on the shipment schedules and any other unforeseen circumstances.

Why we need a deposit?

First of all, the deposits are 100% refundable. We require a deposit to ensure both the security of the user and to ensure that that there will be no last minute cancellations of an auction bid or any fake or spam bid request.

As a service to our customers, we will save you the hassle of waiting and bidding yourselves. This means we will be using our resources to bid and pay for the car that you have requested. Thus we require our customers to make a deposit to ensure that the requests made are genuine.

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