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We keep it simple, candid and real…

We specialize in sourcing excellent quality vehicles from Japan, Australia & UK in which we have been dealing with the most reputed and reliable auto traders. Our professionally trained staff ensures that all your requirements and aspirations of purchasing the desired vehicle of your choice. Our process is simple with minimum documentation which ensures speedy delivery of the vehicle.

Right choices! Best price!

We want our clients to make the right choices because your success is our success. We never let you buy a vehicle that is not right for you. We believe in meeting your goals and aspirations. We have no hidden fees and we offer the best prices.

Honesty! Transparency!! Trust!!!

Your trust is our key to success. We have been in business for many years with loyal clients. Our integrity is our defining factor. We carefully select only the best quality vehicles and the original auction sheet will be shared with the English translation prior to every bidding.

Faster and Complete Service

We understand your busy schedule and our team will guide and handle the entire process of purchasing your dream vehicle. The excellent reviews and recommendations from our clients over the years bears testimony to our service that we have extended to our client.

How to buy

The entire process could be monitored through your Login/Register Account on this website. It is very easy and straight forward with no hidden chargers.

1. Selecting your vehicle

First, we learn your needs...

2. Bid on your Vehicle

We start your bidding process after making...

3. Payment

The letter of credit (LC) payment is to be made within 07 days...

4. Shipping

Vehicle clearance documentation i.e.: LC documents...

5. Order & Delivery Time

The total process would take 30 - 45 days...

What Our Customers Say

Customers are the lifeblood of our business. There’s no better way to understand them than sharing their own experiences …

Mrs. Thilini Karalliyadda
Bank of Ceylon (BOC) - Kegalle Branch

Very friendly and professional service. I wanted to import a used average car but ended up buying a Brand-new Suzuki Baleno XT along with the latest advanced options for the similar budget. Got a fabulous solution and positive experience. Thanks to the team for dealing with all the processes involved in buying a new car :) Happy to recommend this dealership.

Virajitha M. Bandara from Peradeniya
Engineer -CEB Norochchole (virajitham7@gmail.com)

directautoimport.lk enables us to purchase any vehicle online today. This virtual direct deal of Toyota Corolla Toyota Axio G NKE 165 car by eliminating middleman made a considerable saving. Absolutely recommend their excellent service and treatment and I have already planned to buy my second vehicle through them.

Sashen Jayasooriya
Area Engineer at NWS&DB (jayasooriyabpj@gmail.com)

I was happy with the service at directautoimort.lk because I had a great experience. The imported MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER was in Brand new condition which was beyond my expectations. Thanks for the team. I never hesitate to recommend this place who over deliver what they promised.

Dr. Roshan Gajadeera
The National Hospital (Cardiologist Unit) - Colombo (0711866560)

The experience at directautoimort.lk was positive and fantastic whilst making the difficult decision of choosing the right car, made easy. It was all about finding me the right solution which was the brand-new quality Toyota Premio EX for my needs. 10/10 from me. I never hesitate to recommend them for any professional whom known to me from the childhood.

ජනක කරුණාරත්න - අනුරාධපුර

මම directautoimport.lk එකට යනකොට , මගේ නමටම වාහනයක් ගෙන්න ගැනීම ගැන ලොකු බලාපොරොතුවක් තිබුනේ නැහැ . මගේ යාලුවෙක් කීව නිසා ගියා . නමුත් directautoimort.lk මටතිබුන බය නැති කලා පමණක් නොව , මට ඕනම Wagon R Stingray රථය ගෙනත් දුන්න . මට කියන්න තියෙන්නේ ඔබ‍ට ලියකියවිලි හෝ බැංකු කටයුතු ගැන බයක් ඇත්නම් හෝ දැණුමක් නැත්නම්, විශ්වාශයෙන් යන්න . ඕන වාහනය කිව්වම , අනෙක් සියලුම දේවල් ඔවුන් කරනවා . මට අඩු ගාණකට අලුත්ම වාහනයක් ගන්න පුළුවන් වුනා.

Udesh Karavita
Superintend- CEB from Karapitiya , Galle (0714 291 064)

The team at directautoimport.lk was attentive throughout my buying experience and the price of the car (Suziki Wagon R Stingray) was competitive. They explained everything and was professional and friendly, no complaints whatsoever. I am a loyal customer and already recommended them to a few of my friends and relations. Apparently, their experiences at directautoimport.lk were great with fantastic customer service.

Dr. Nilan Sanjeewa
MOH: Tangalle (mohofficeangunakolapelessa@gmail.com)

My experience at direcautotimport.lk was cracking because they made us feel comfortable and answered all our questions. Team spent time to explained different options available to us. More gratefully, the team was clearly value our professional time. Everything went smoothly and quickly. I would like to recommend them, if you wish to have a much more pleasant and professional experience.

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